3 Man 2 Ball Shooting

3 Players

2 Basketballs

1 Minute on the clock

20 Makes

The three players must continuously shoot for 1 minute straight rebounding and passing for each other. Emphasize game like shots at game like speed. Make sure your players are moving after each shot and creating great shots for themselves. Additionally, communication is key; players need to be calling for the ball and calling names when passing. Goal is to make 20 shots in the one minute. To make it a more pressurized drill, add three Free-Throws at the end (So if they only make 17 shots for example, they will have three Free-Throws to get the number to 20).

Do this for both two point field goals and three point field goals.

Failure to make 20 in a minute will result in *sprints.

*SPRINTS= 47 seconds on the clock, 8 full-court trips touching all lines.

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