Circle the Globe 1/4 Court

Wednesday I Tweeted how I thought the mid-range is where the Spurs won Game 2 vs the Thunder; Spurs shot 60% (12-20) vs OKC who shot 28.6% (6/21). With the emergence of “workout guys” over the past years, I truly feel players are no longer being taught the skills of the game. But rather being taught moves they see professional players making. Please do not get me wrong, there are some GREAT workout guys out there such as Mike Procopio andB Rob McClanaghan. My argument is for the guys who self-title themselves Professional Skills Trainers without any prior training/experience.

Young players today are really missing the skills to dribble, pass, and shoot at a good tempo; they all want to go FAST and make “wow” moves and knock down NBA range three’s.

Today’s drill helps to bring back the basics of shooting and work on simple footwork with catch & shoot jumpers.

circleglobeshootingGo through the spots four times (12 shots). If the player misses two in a row, start over. If they have to start over more than three times, have them go to the FT line and knock down two free throws in a row to calm down.

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