Penetration Box Stops

One of the worst habits young players develop is driving too deep into the lane without knowing their options. They watch Rondo and Westbrook get to the rim and finish, but they do not realize how hard that is. NBA players make it look so easy because they are professionals. After watching our guys the last few months in open gyms and watching some film, I realized our players really do not know what to do when they get in the lane. They either go 100 mph and throw up a shot or jump off one leg into a charge. Additionally, when we would drive baseline, our players would go to far and get stranded behind the backboard and attempt jump passes.

Our goal this Summer is going to teach them what to do once they get in the lane. One way we plan on teaching this is my taping a box onto the court and tell our players unless they are WIDE OPEN, they must come to a jump-stop outside the box and find the open man.

Incorporate several actions into this, teach your players to see where the defensive help is coming from and find the open spots…drive and kick to corners. One aspect I also noticed at least at the high school level this past season is that on middle penetration, typically the free-throw line area is open, so teach your players to rotate and fill in behind so the guard and drive and pitch back.

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