Post Warm-Up Series

Most coaches out there (like myself) are always looking new and earth shattering drills to get the most out of their players. But sometimes it is best to keep it simple and improve on the fundamentals. The more youth basketball I watch, the more I see how under-developed young post players are. This drill is one that could/should be done on a daily basis for players at any level to improve their touch around the rim. Furthermore, it takes hours upon hours to perfect a move. A player is not going to get down a hook shot by doing it for five minutes.

Start your player(s) directly in front of the rim (Inside the charge circle). Start with righty hooks. Make sure the players shoulders are facing the sideline and they are not opening up their shoulders to the rim/defense; finishing high and flicking their wrist; “Drop hand in the rim”. First player moves to end of line and coach feeds ball to next player (If performing drill with single drill the coach just keeps feeding balls).

After each player(s) makes 4 hooks with the right hand, switch to the left. Once all player(s) have make their 4 hook, move them back a step to the next spot. Once that angle of hooks is completed move to one of the baseline lines and then repeat the drill at both baseline angles and both 45 degree angles.

warmupOnce your players become consistent with this drill, place a coach/manager with a pad and place it on the inside hip of the player to make them finish with contact.

Keep bouncin…

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