Play of the Day from the Chicago Bulls: UCLA Double

The Bulls ran this action in the opening minutes of their game last night vs. the Miami Heat.

Initial Action: Initial action to start the play.

Flex Option- If X3 jumps on the high side to play the screen from 4, 3 will come off the flex screen from 1. 4 cleans up the play with a pin down for 1. What I love about this action is that if the defense tries to take away one of the options, the odds of the counter should be open.

Bump Option- This is actually how the play was run last night. 3 (Deng) bumped the screen from 1 (Watson) and come off the pin down from 4 (Noah) for a quick catch & shoot jump shot.

IF neither option(s) are open, the offense should spread the floor and go into a 5/2 Dribble Hand-Off.


Keep bouncin…

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