Play of the Day from the Boston Celtics: 1 Back

If you watched the Boston Celtics vs Orlando Magic game last night, you saw the Celtics run this play successfully twice during the 1st Quarter.

Option 1
The Celtics put a shooter (3) as the backscreener. As the backscreen was set, X3 really locked onto 3 and did not help at all on the backscreen. Jameer Nelson (X1) tried to get through the inside but got hung up and the Celtics got a wide open lay-up.

Option 2
This time Chris Duhon was in the game as X1. Seeing the play occur several minutes earlier. He got on the bottom/outside hip of 1 to force him off the screen from 5. 1 took a quick step to get X1 (Duhon) trailing and then took a quick step back toward the screen to create bump-cut. On the contact, 1 shot down the lane for another wide open lay-up. X3 again locked onto 3 to prevent a shot coming off the stagger and did not help on the backscreen.

                                                                                                OPTION 1                                                                                 OPTION 2

backKeep bouncin…

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