1-on-1 to 3-on-3

It is safe to say that every basketball coach on earth has put their players through a 1-on-1 zig-zag drill. This drill adds an additional component to it.

Once the ball-handler reaches the operational/scoring area, the drill turns into 3-on-3. However, the offense is still only allowed to use the designated quarterB of the court (half of half-court). The other two offensive players can do whatever they would like. Below are just a few examples:

-Pin-down for a quick shot
-Curl the pin-down to the top as the ball enters the wing and post-up.
-Pin-down into a pick and roll/pop

The important thing is that you show your players several options but you also allow them to be creative and make plays on their own. Once the offense scores or the defensive secures the ball, the offense and defense switch and come back in the other direction.

1on1Always try to get as many players active in practice as possible. While six players are using the right half of the court, six more players should be coming down the left half of the court. at the same time.

Keep bouncin…

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