Tools for the Game: Century Blocker

I have decided to add a new component to “Words on the Bounce”. Occasionally I am going to discuss some products/tools for the court that I have used in the past or have come across and will use in the future.

Today’s tool is the “Single Blocker”, made my Century. The “Blocker” is one of my favorite products and I use it almost daily in practice. I was first introduced to this while I was at Florida by now Wyoming Head Coach Larry Shyatt. I honestly think hitting the players with the “Blocker” was the highlight of his day as it brought such a large smile to his face. He/I typically use the “Blocker” anytimeB a drill when it finishes with a lay-up or any shot around the rim.

You will find that some players will tend to shy away from the contact and try to play around it. It is great occasionally to act like your are going to hit them with the stick and then quickly pull it back to catch them off guard. This really enforces the players to focus in mentally and physically.

The “Blocker” is a great tool to use to teach your players to finish around the rim with contact. It is such a great tool because you can REALLY whack a player pretty aggressively without injuring them. It is made of a very soft foam and has a large and strong handle to keep a good grip.

Another great use for the “Blocker” is teaching your players to finish higher on their floaters and over out-reached players when attacked the rim; especially when teaching your post-players to finish higher on their hook shots.

The “Blocker” can be used for numerous other drills and/or situations, just use your imagination.

The Century “Single Blocker” sells for $27.99 on their website. However, I purchased two of them at my local Sports Authority for $7 a piece. Everlast and other Martial Arts companies also sell similar products. Look around at your local sporting goods or martial arts stores; if you come up empty handed try looking for them on sale online.

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