2 Ball Pass and Shoot Drill

I know that most coaches discourage young players from throwing one-handed passes, but I truly feel it teaches your players to have better ball control and become stronger passers.

Player starts at half-court with two balls and starts dribbling toward the rim. (Player should go as fast as possible but under control…simultaneous and alternating dribble, mix it up).

Once the player reaches the three-point line they fire a one-handed pass to the coach. (Mix up which hand, throw right and left to develop the skill). Many young players will try to throw a “hook” or Jai Alai type pass. Teach them to bring the pull up and push it as hard as possible from their shoulder. Player then crosses over to open hand and take a hard one dribble jumper. The player then takes 1 step away and cuts into another elbow jumper. (Repeat to a set number of makes and then switch sides).

More advanced players can add in a between the legs move after passing to the coach.

It is important to stay low so the player can fire a hard pass by firing it with the assistance of their hips.

2bal;You can replace the Coach with another player. On the catch they have the option to catch & shoot or take one hard dribble either direction and pull-up.

Keep bouncin…

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