1 on 2 Attack Drill

1 on 2 Attack is not only great for your guards to work on their ball handling vs pressure. But it is also great for tool to improve your defense by not allowing them to use their hands.

Start the drill using 1 heavy ball…work in two heavy balls once you are satisfied with their performance. After they are able to execute the drill successfully with heavy balls repeat the drill with regular balls.

X1 and X2 attempt to trap the guard in the back court, if guard is able to get over half-court in under 10 seconds the defense has 10 push-ups. Once you give the offense two balls, the defense must put their hands behind their back.

1on2Keep bouncin…

2 thoughts on “1 on 2 Attack Drill

  1. Kyle,

    Can you clarify if the ball handler is dribbling using heavy ball in this drill? Thanks!

  2. Coach-Yes the ball handler dribbles with a heavy ball(s). If you have younger inexperience players maybe start with a regular ball 1st.

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