W Shooting (Bigs)

I have always used this drill since I played in high school to my days at Florida. However, Jay Bilas showed me this wrinkle during his lecture at Coaching U Live 2011. He saw this drill while watching Mike Brey put this Notre Dame team through a workout. This is an excellent drill that incorporates shooting, post work, and conditioning.

wshooting1. Player starts around wing/short corner area, catches and shoots 15 footer

2. Sprints and touches half-court and then sprints to block. catch and makes post-move (Coach: Give them freedom to mix up their moves…add contact to make it more game-like)
3. Drill is repeated to the spots shown above…

Once they take their 5th shot on the left wing area, sprint back to half-court and then back to the left wing again, repeating the drill going back around the perimeter.

Keep bouncin…

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