Circle the Wagons Rebounding

I have posted a drill like this in the past but I just saw this tweak that Baylor Men’s basketball does to make the drill even more difficult.

They place a big in the paint and bring the offensive players closer to the paint. I think this makes it a much more realistic look and really forces the defense to block out the big in the middle and push him/her away from the rim.

wagonsRemember, if you want to add this play to your FastDraw library you can. Simply highlight over the FastModel logo in the lower right corner.

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3 thoughts on “Circle the Wagons Rebounding

    1. Coach,

      This season we started to teach the read & react offense to help our players understand How to play rather than just teaching plays. Our school mascot is Green Wave, so the head coach called the offense “Wave”.

      Thank you for your interest.

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