Numbered Rebounding Drill

Today is officially the 1st day of Spring! I am not sure if it is the smell of the crisp fresh air outside or the anticipation for free Rita’s today to celebrate Spring, but I have great news in store for you. I am getting back to posting drills on a daily basis (Monday through Friday)!

One thing I’ve noticed so far during this NCAA tournament is the amount of 2nd chance opportunities is troubling. If you are like me, you cannot STAND giving up 2nd chance points. So my first drill to kick off this Spring is just for that.

Very seldom, especially in zone, are you standing directly next to the guy you’re responsible for blocking out. This drill incorporates communication and having to FIND and HIT!

numberedrebOne last thing I believe you will all love! If you highlight over the FastModel logo in the bottom right corner of the play, you can send this drill directly to your own FastDraw in a matter of seconds. If you don’t have FastDraw yet, well what are you waiting for?

Keep bouncing…

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