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This is going to be a very quick read, I have not posted in awhile but a few factors have inspired me to put this up. I think this is something very important to keep in mind as the basketball season is gearing up.

If you do not subscribe to John Maxwell’s Word of the Day I strongly recommend you do. He provides some great motivational nuggets to help you grow everyday. Today his word was “Add Value“. In order to succeed, you need to be adding value not only to yourself, but to those around you. If you are not spreading your knowledge to others, you are not only cheating yourself but the rest of the world.

Another event that inspired me to write this morning was Tim Tebow’s performance yesterday. Some of you may be sick and tired of hearing about Tim Tebow and how great he is on and off the field, but the kid has proven himself as a true winner. Yesterday, after the Broncos looked like they had thrown in the towel, Tim was given the task to lead the Broncos in the 2nd Half. Most did not expect what would ensue next, two touchdowns (1 rushing and 1 passing) and a near game winning drive.

I was fortunate enough to be on campus at the University of Florida during those illustrious years in which Tim Tebow not only changed the landscape of college football, but also showed you can be a Christian while doing it. The kid is a proven winner on and off the field and not only inspires the crowd, but the team around him.

This morning on the Dan Patrick Show Tony Dungy provided some great insight. Once Tebow entered the game, not only did the crowd change and become more electric, but his teammates did as well. The defense elevated itself to a place it hasn’t been all year. Knowshon Moreno was back to breaking tackles like he did during his UGA days. The Broncos looked like an entirely different team. And why?? Because they were being lead by the most PASSIONATE (I did not say best, I said Passionate) QB in the game today. After his first rushing TD yesterday, he ran off the field jumping up and down like he just won the Showcase Showdown on The Price is Right. How could the defense not feel this same passion and step up their intensity.

This leads me to my next point, ESPN “experts” are still saying he is not a QB and should be an H-Back. Tebow has said over and over time and again, “I-AM-A-QUARTERBACK”. The legendary Tony Dungy (who has more coaching experience and wins than any ESPN “expert” combined) also said this morning on the Dan Patrick Show that it is now John Fox’s job to put Tebow in a position to succeed. You now have two weeks to practice and figure how how to win with a Winner.

“Put him in the right place to succeed”

That is a pretty powerful message. It sounds easy but are you doing it? College coaches have a great opportunity, they have the ability to recruit kids to “fit” their system. Grade School coaches do not have this advantage (most of the time). Additionally, some college players may not turn out to be what you thought they were in high school.

Do you build your players around your system, or do you build your system off of your players? I really hope and urge you to look at the latter part. Put your players in the best position to succeed and help your team reach greater heights.

If you have a 6’8″ player who is not strong in the post but a knockdown shooter and has a great handle, do you keep him in the post or play to his advantages? If you have a team that isn’t athletic as you would like, do you still try to run and gun and press creating 32/40/48 minutes of havoc? Or do you slow it down and run a great offensive system in the half-court? Each and every season you have a duty to evaluate your tools at hand (players) and then develop your system to put each and every one of them in the correct place to succeed.

Lastly, before the first practice, talk to your players 1-on-1 and ask them what they think their role(s) on the team should be. No matter what their answer is, make sure that they understand their #1 priority is to  Add Value to the team in order to achieve success.

Here is my challenge to you this season:



Keep bouncin…

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