Best Time of My Life!

As I mentioned in my first post not every post is going to be about X & O’s so here is my first shot away from the court.

Last Saturday was the best day of my life, I finally tied the knot and married my best friend. We could not have asked for better weather (other than the beaming sunlight on the groomsmen) or a better atmosphere. The wedding went off without a hitch. There was lots of love and joy in the air the entire evening and I am pretty sure it was the most fun wedding I have ever been a part of or attended (I can say that b/c the servers at the reception confirmed).

Our wedding wasn’t a large wedding, but it was large enough for all of our closest family and friends who have had an impact on our lives could attend and share in the special day.The next morning my wife’s mom asked us, “So did you guys have a good time, was it what you wanted?”…we both replied, “It was PERFECT, nothing went wrong (which is true)”

After our wedding, we headed down to Key West for our honeymoon. If you ever visit Key West make sure you stay at the Beachside Marriott, it is the nicest hotel on the island. While we were there we did the 26 mile Jet Ski Tour around the island (which was my favorite), Parasailing, and Snorkeled the Reef. All of this provided by Fury Water Adventures, they do an exceptional job and their staff is the BEST. Our most unique adventure on our trip was definitely our last minute decision to go on the Ghost Tour…all I can say about that is that it was very interesting and we did not see any ghosts. However, I did have a unique encounter with Robert the Doll.

The first night there I surprised my wife and took her on the Sunset Dinner Cruise. This was very fun and the fried fish out of this world. We also dined at several of the dive restaurants around the island; we always try to stay away from the chain restaurants when we go on vacation. Three of our favorites were Caroline’s Cafe, Pepe’s Cafe and Blue Heaven. We also had another sunset dinner on Sunset Key which I don’t really recommend; the scenery was gorgeous but the food was overrated and overpriced.

All in all, this has been the best week of my life and I could not have asked for anything better. Below are a few pictures from the honeymoon. Enjoy…

Alot of people are posting blogs about the NBA Finals and what adjustments they think should be made and what they would do in certain situations. If you are expecting me to post one of those don’t hold your breath. Two of the BEST coaches in the world are fighting it out right now for the Larry O’Brien trophy and I know I do not have the expertise { yet 🙂 } to even begin to critique either of them.

Thursday I am heading off to Gainesville, FL to work the Billy Donovan Basketball Camp for the 7th straight summer. Look for a new post before then.

Keep bouncing…

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